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Find the most frequently asked questions, the latest release updates, and how to use the all the functions in KORONA POS.

The Quick Start Beginner’s Guide

Start here and follow this guide to quickly get set up with your new point of sale system.

Video Tutorials

View a playlist with short videos of the most common must-knows of KORONA POS.

Partners and Integrations

All Partnered Solutions

View all of the KORONA POS partners and integrations available. Your KORONA POS sales representative can help find the best solution to your business.

Order Gift Cards

Need to sell gift cards or create loyalty member cards? Custom order and print them here through our trusted partner, Card Market.

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Meet several KORONA POS clients, their business, and why KORONA POS is a success.

More Resources

Additional Hardware

Need any other hardware in addition to your point of sale terminal set up? View the hardware we currently offer and speak to your sales representative for any questions.

KORONA Studio PDF Guide

Learn more about the most popular features in KORONA Studio and the staff’s favorites in this downloadable PDF guide.

Inventory Management PDF Guide

Understand the best practices and insightful tips for managing inventory with this in-depth downable PDF guide.


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