WSAA 2024

September 18-19 | Las Vegas, NV

KORONA POS Table #118

Join KORONA POS by Combase USA at the Western States Acquires Association (WSAAA) 2024 Annual Conference, and learn more about the leading point of sale solution.

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September 18-19

Red Rock Casino & Hotel Las Vegas

Event Schedule

Exhibitor Hall Hours

  • TBA

Golf Tournament

  • Tuesday, September 17

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At KORONA POS, we’re committed to empowering businesses with the tools they need to succeed.

Meet our team at WSAA 2024 to learn more about:

Explore the leading point of sale technology with KORONA POS. Our advanced system simplifies operations and boosts productivity, allowing users to concentrate on growth and simplicity of managing a business.

Our product experts help provide personalized demos tailored to business industry needs. From small businesses or enterprises, we’ll work with users to develop a customized solution that drives results.

Learn about the latest solution updates and features. KORONA POS is processing agnostic and receives automatic updates. Meaning users get the best version of the software at all times and can work with various processors.

Connect with industry peers, leaders, and potential partners at WSAA 2024. Build valuable relationships and exchange insights that can help drive your business forward in the payments industry.

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About WSAA

The Western States Acquirers Association (WSAA) is a non-profit trade association led by industry volunteers, catering to individuals and businesses involved in selling merchant acquiring services. The annual conference gathers attendees for networking, thought leadership, and education within the acquiring industry, attracting merchant acquirers, ISOs, MLSs, and other payment organizations. By participating in WSAA’s conference, attendees learn more about industry trends, connect, and explore the latest solutions.

What is the WSAA Conference?

The WSAA (Western States Acquirers Association) conference is an annual event in the acquiring industry, offering networking, thought leadership, and education for merchant acquirers, ISOs, MLSs, and other payment organizations, funded through exhibitor, sponsor, and attendee fees.

Who can attend the WSAA Conference?

Anyone interested in participating in the payment and acquiring industry can attend WSAA.

Who is exhibiting at the WSAA 2024 Annual Conference?

You can find a list of exhibitors for the WSAA Annual Conference here.

When is the WSAA Conference this year?

The WSAA conference will be held on September 18-19, 2024.

Where will the WSAA be held in 2024?

This year, the WSAA 2024 Annual Conference will be held at the Red Rock Casino & Hotel located at 11011 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135.

What table will KORONA POS be in at the 2024 WSAA conference?

KORONA POS/COMBASE USA will be at table #TBA at the Western Acquirers Association 2024 Annual Conference this year. Schedule your meeting with us today!

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