How In-Store Cash Drops Can Simplify Cash Management for Your Business

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KORONA POS has teamed up with Brink’s to provide our customers with more seamless and and secure cash management. The solution is fully integrated into your POS, making it that much easier. Read on to learn more about Brink’s and the partnership.

Introducing BLUbeem by Brink’s

Whether you’re managing a restaurant or a retail location, it’s easy to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day for running a business. From managing employees to balancing drawers and making sure you’re on top of inventory, time is a critical resource.

What if you could keep your entire cash management process securely inside your store?

With BLUbeem by Brink’s, you can eliminate unnecessary trips to the bank and enjoy a simplified, digital solution for your cash. Not only does this save you time and money, but you’ll also gain faster access to your funds by simply dropping your cash into a Brink’s in-store device and receiving next-day advance credit. It all starts with BLUbeem Cash.

Digital Cash Management

BLUbeem Cash is a digital cash management solution comprised of hardware, software, and services, designed to simplify end-to-end cash processes. It also offers merchants a streamlined approach to complete payments management by consolidating banking relationships and cash processes into a single subscription. Small businesses deserve big wins, and that can be challenging when the time and costs of cash management get in the way. The BLUbeem Cash focus is simple: to help you reduce the burden and cost of cash.

How Does Digital Cash Management Work?

It all begins with an app, which can be accessed either on your mobile device or desktop, and a Brink’s tech-enabled device installed discreetly in your store. Simply use the app to enter the amount of cash you’re dropping into the device. Drop your cash inside, then resume business as usual.

Within one business day of your funds being secured inside of the device, advance credit will appear in the bank account of your choice. Say goodbye to high-interest loans to fund operational expenses and reduce the amount of in-branch deposit fees you pay. Bypass risky trips and long lines to make deposits at your local bank.

One App, Many Benefits

Along with simplifying your cash-drop process, the BLUbeem app provides you with greater visibility into cash activity, even across multiple store locations. Looking for detailed insights about your cash flow? The BLUbeem app also allows you to reconcile daily cash-drops quickly, providing various dashboards, reports, and data filtering. Ordering change has never been easier now that you can order bills and coins on the app and have them delivered directly to your store.

Simplify Cash Management. Get Back to Business.

Simplified payment management is what Brink’s does. BLUbeem Cash makes sure it’s what you can do, too. And by partnering with KORONA POS, the solution is comes fully integrated into your daily reporting, including your cash sales. Ready to learn more? Click here.

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