KORONA POS Announces Partnership with BlockChyp Payments

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KORONA POS and BlockChyp

Las Vegas, NV –

KORONA POS and BlockChyp have teamed up to provide a new selection of point of sale solutions to their customer base over various verticals. BlockChyp enables solutions for their customers to personalize and market their brands with ease. BlockChyp also provides embedded payment solutions to end users that enable retailers to accept all forms of payment, including NFC, chip and pin, and Crypto payments. With transparent pricing, easy-to-read statements, and zero hidden fees, BlockChyp is the true definition of modern payments.

In a time when big tech and the payments industry have all but abandoned small businesses, BlockChyp has doubled down on its commitment to the traditional independent merchant and the point of sale vendors who serve them. Made up of former point of sale and SaaS engineers, BlockChyp decided to build a whole new system from scratch, utilizing the latest technology and modern payments architecture.

“This is an exciting partnership for us. KORONA POS has the same mindset of serving main street merchants when most of the large systems have abandoned them. We are excited to partner with Korona and for them to take advantage of BlockChyp’s fully customizable terminals with crypto payments. Together this partnership will help merchants battle big box retailers,” stated BlockChyp Founder/CEO Jon Decker.

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A Message From KORONA POS

KORONA POS has always strived to provide our users with fairness and transparency when it comes to their processing. That’s why we refuse to lock our clients into a single processing solution. And while so many of our competitors have made the switch to doing so in the name of increased profits, we will always hold ourselves to a higher standard. Partnering with BlockChyp is an extension of that. We believe they offer an unprecedented level of control and transparency to the merchant.

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