How to Advertise Your Business on Facebook

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Facebook has come a long way since its advent in the early 2000s as a way to meet fellow students at your college. More than anything, Facebook has evolved as a way for businesses to market and sell their products, both directly on the platform and through ads linked to eCommerce pages.

Features are much more sophisticated, with both users and businesses having a plethora of options to reach new audiences and grow their image/brand.

But how do you advertise your business on Facebook? And how do you integrate your online sales with your brick-and-mortar store? This blog will cover this and more, including how to keep your sales organized through a single retail POS and back office system.

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Getting Your Facebook Business Profile Started

It’s never been easier to sell online, whether it’s through your own eCommerce store or through a third-party marketplace like Facebook. 

Create a Business Page

Start by creating a business page. You’ll need a Facebook account first. From there, go to “Pages” → “Create New Page.”

To set up a basic profile, you’ll need to upload a profile picture, a photo for the header cover at the top of the page, and some simple information about your business’s details – name, address, phone number, hours, etc.

Optimizing Your Business Page

Once the basics are done there are a few additional steps to fully optimize your page. These are also quite simple:

  • Write an “About Us” section
  • Add a CTA button, like “Shop Here” or “Learn More”
  • Devise a few simple posts that highlight your product
  • Schedule posts to send periodically

Join Relevant Groups

Facebook interaction is sometimes driven by common interests and groups. Join groups that are relevant and start engaging with the other members. 

Once more established, you can start running ads to target certain groups and demographics, too. You might also want to start your own group.

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Set Up a Facebook Ads Account

Facebook has nearly 3 billion active monthly users. It offers an incredible platform for reaching consumers worldwide, with some advanced targeting methods at your disposal.

Plus, it’s easy to get started, doesn’t require a large up-front investment, is easily scalable, and can be largely automated.

Different Ways to Advertise Your Business on Facebook

At the most basic level, there are two simple methods of advertising on the platform (which are different than how to use Facebook Marketplace):

  1. Boost a Post – For every organic post you make through your business profile, there is a simple option to boost it. This ensures that the post appears across different areas of Facebook and, therefore, in front of different eyes. This drives more engagement, brand awareness, and followers.
  2. Create an Ad – There are also several ad formats you can use, including photo, video, messenger, carousel, slideshow, collection, and Stories ads. These are more commonly used for driving website visits, sales, or lead gen with direct CTAs.

How Much to Spend on Facebook Advertising

There is a huge range of spend options for any Facebook ad campaign. Smaller companies should start small – even just $10-20 per day – to test the waters before diving in with a larger budget. Larger companies might be spending million of dollars each month on more advanced and prolific ads.

Either way, Facebook operates its ad platform on an auction system. It also allows businesses to set spend limits. This means that it’s easy to measure your potential reach at a potential price.

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Restriction on Facebook Ads

There are a few things to keep in mind before starting your first campaign with Facebook.

Facebook has become more strict about its ad policies, so be sure to check these out before publishing anything. That way, you avoid having your business flagged for misuse of their platform.

You’ll also want to install Facebook Pixel. This is similar to Google Analytics and allows businesses to measure the performance of their ads on Facebook. In the end, it gives you feedback on ad performance so that you can tweak future campaigns accordingly.
Look for new updates on Facebook to make sure you’re always in the know about the latest best practices and regulations on the platform.

Drive More Traffic to Your eCommerce Store

Ultimately, your Facebook Ads should lead to more sales. For most retailers, it’s best to drive these sales through your eCommerce store rather than directly through Facebook. This allows you to more seamlessly track your sales across multiple platforms, both online and in-person.

Get the Right POS System

In order to do this efficiently and cleanly, find the right point of sale that can integrate your online and offline sales.

KORONA POS, for instance, can connect retailers with any major eCommerce platform through an integration with CMS Max and Octopus Bridge. Businesses can get a custom website designed at an affordable price that works in tandem with any physical terminals in brick-and-mortar locations.

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Connect Your Back-Offices

It’s also crucial that your product and sales reporting are also connected across all platforms. This makes it simple to measure the success of any campaign, track profits and promotions, plan inventory, set reorder levels, and more.

KORONA POS connects your eCommerce store with KORONA Studio, the native back-office reporting tool with custom KPIS, automations, and inventory management.

To learn more, click below to set up a free trial or product demo. It’s never been easier to sell across multiple platforms and reach your target audience.

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