POS Speed in Liquor Stores

Most liquor stores have certain times or days with exceptionally high traffic. Speed matters during those times. Being able to process many customers within a short time frame is a key point of sale feature for any liquor store. Long lines or wait times can significantly damage the customer experience and will keep some customers from returning.

Optimized Checkout

KORONA has a highly optimized checkout workflow. Cashiers are able to pick up on the workflow quickly. In addition, KORONA eliminates any unnecessary button pushes for the cashier, which allows them to run transactions faster than with any other POS system.


KORONA’s credit terminal integrations allow pre-swiping. This allows customers to insert, swipe or tap their card while the cashier is still ringing up items. Pre-Swipe is a true time saver and added convenience for the customer. Of course, KORONA also supports NFC payments such as ApplePay or AndroidPay.

Fast EMV

Chip card readers have certainly improved credit card security but have reportedly slowed down transaction speed. KORONA is integrated with PAX and Cayan Genius payment terminals, which are both leaders in EMV transaction speed.