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Take charge of your Liquor Store operations

Liquor stores love their regular customers, and regular customers love getting rewarded for their loyalty. That’s why KORONA POS is fully integrated with some of the best customer loyalty programs designed specifically for liquor stores out there. Your new point of sale will be there to help keep your best customers as happy as ever.

Liquor stores are constantly running promotions and discounts. KORONA POS can quickly and easily reflect that in the final price and in your inventory records. Additionally, it can identify detailed product trends, allowing you to better identify which items to push. Promotions are an integral part of your business and your POS solution should help.

Most liquor shops have an incredible amount of inventory to manage, especially if you have multiple locations. With our cloud-based POS software, inventory is a breeze. This can be done offline or remotely. Any changes to inventory counts will be reflected across all locations in real-time. Plus, it can all be done with a light handheld scanner.

Scale your in-store business to an online store. KORONA POS is also fully integrated with multiple eCommerce retail platforms like WooCommerce. This means that sales data from both online and physical stores can be consolidated together in your all-in-one point of sale system. Easily make custom promotions and build your website for your business.

Once we found KORONA, business became smooth. It’s easy to customize and they have the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Fair prices and upfront honesty, what else can you ask for. You won’t regret choosing KORONA POS.

Vanessa Watson

Chilling Liquor Store

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Dynamic POS Tools and Features

Design to handle liquor store operations.

No more worrying about outdated technology. All liquor store POS software updates are automatically installed in each of your POS terminals. This will continue, at no cost, for the duration of your subscription. You only get the best and stay up to date with KORONA POS.

Printable, Detailed Cashier Reports

Customizable eCommerce Platform

Accounting Software Integration

Coupons, Bundled Deals, and Promotions

Time Tracking and Payroll Features

Multi-Location & Franchise Scalability

Liquor Store Customer Loyalty Integration

Age Verification Reminders

Cloud-Based Liquor POS System

Automatic Ordering for Inventory

Employee Management & POS Permissions

Improve customer foot traffic

Make the most of our your POS subscription with a free mapAds integration.

  • Export Entire Database
    Take all products in your KORONA POS inventory and automatically export them into mapAds
  • Increase Google Visibility
    Have your products listed under location-based search results on Google for free.
  • Increase Exposure
    Reach a larger, relevant audience without spending any extra time and money doing so.
  • Run Automated Ad Campaigns
    If you have a budget, mapAds can run automated Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube campaigns for products of your choosing.
  • Full Customization
    Customize your budget, promotions, pricing, featured products, and more. All from your mapAds widget on the KORONA POS dashboard.

Benefits of a Liquor Store Point of Sale Subscription Service

A Liquor POS System That Grows With You

Our goal is to make your liquor store even more successful, so we’re ready for your business to grow. KORONA’s liquor POS software can manage twenty stores as easily as two. This scalability allows for liquor store accounting integration, so you can focus on more important matters

Advanced and Free Customer Care

Our amazing customer support is one phone call away at any time you desire. Whether you need introductory training, advice on how to integrate software, or help with our advanced inventory features, our team is always here to help by phone, email or chat. Never worry about any support fees.

No Fees, No Contracts, No Commitment

KORONA POS liquor store point of sale software is built to be easy to use and our pricing is no different. We don’t include any extra or hidden fees and you will never be pressured into entering long-term payment processing contracts. Better yet, try our point of sale solution for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Customer care is included with your liquor store POS software subscription at no extra charge. We believe that customer support is crucial to having a successful point of sale system as your business grows.

Vendor management in your liquor store point of sale system allows you to track your orders, the vendors, and distributors of your products. You can see the items you’ve ordered, where it will be delivered, and the stock you are currently carrying.

Your liquor store POS can benefit greatly from a cloud-based system, especially as you scale into having multiple locations. With your system on the cloud, you can access important back-end information to help you make decisions for your business.

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