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Amusement Park Point of Sale

Typically it’s hard to find just one point of sale for an amusement park. With 3 or more different businesses within one you need a solution that can handle everything without making compromises. Fortunately KORONA delivers just that. KORONA is one point of sale for the entire amusement park and can handle you admission ticketing, retail sales and food sales.

Ease of Use

Many features often cause a lack of usability. KORONA is easy to use and each point of sale terminal in your amusement can be fully customized to its purpose. This makes it easy for your staff. Cashiers can be up and running with as little as 5 minutes of training.

Shared Reporting

Your reporting is going to become a lot easier! Finally you can pull one report for your entire park. And the best part: it’s real time!

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