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Liquor POS System

Liquor POS System

Liquor POS System

A liquor store point of sale system fits into the general realm of retail pos systems. However, liquor stores have some distinct differences compared to general retail businesses. These differences create the need for some unique functionality which cannot always be found in just any retail store POS. KORONA is an advanced POS solution and is an excellent fit for any liquor store.

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Key Liquor POS Features

Employee Theft

Theft is a critical issue for most liquor store owners.

Product Assortments

Liquor store POS systems require much larger product databases.

POS Speed

Fast checkouts during peak traffic times.

Inventory Tracking

Large liquor assortments require superior inventory handling features.

Additional Features

Customer Loyalty

Track customers and issue coupons.

Age Verification

Enforce cashier to check IDs.

Real-Time Analytics

Access current sales reporting from anywhere.
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