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KORONA – Liquor POS System

KORONA.pos is a superior liquor POS system for multi-location retailers and single store operations with ambitions. The solution consists of two main components, the liquor POS terminals in your liquor stores and the KORONA back office which can be accessed via any web browser.

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KORONA – Liquor POS System – How is your business going to change?

Some KORONA users have used with old-fashioned cash registers prior to switching to KORONA. Others have had mixed experiences using a PC based liquor POS system. Whatever your current solution is, changes are inevitable with your new liquor PoS solution. Most of the differences you will see in reporting. Tailored reports and statistics for liquor stores provide deeper insight into your operations. The potential for cost savings and loss prevention will be much more obvious. You can be confident when you adjust aspects of your business.

Liquor stores that switched to KORONA have reported the following improvements due to their new liquor POS system:

  • better business decisions based on evaluations
  • exact performance reporting for every cashier
  • no more under or over stocking
  • better assortment management
  • reveue increase due to promotions
Liquor POS User
“We had issues with employee theft. I can now leave my store without worries. Thanks KORONA!”

The main purpose for back office and liquor POS is
to make your business more successful.


Back Office

Retail POS System

Cloud POS Back Office

You can log into the back office from any device at any time.  This allows you to check on all your locations even while you are spending time with your family. Start your free trial and see for yourself.

Liquor POS System with printer

At the liquor store checkout, you can find the actual liquor POS terminal. This where you check out your customers. Every sale will automatically get uploaded into the back office, in real time.

  • Analyse and adjust in real time

  • Access from the office, at home and on the go

  • Recognize profit potential

  • Individual button configuration

  • Fast and incredibly easy

  • Advanced employee tracking

Find out more …

TOP 10 Liquor POS Features


Employee permissions




Inventory Count Management


Store Comparison




Time Clock


Staff Discounts


Reorder Recommendations


Discount Report


Order Cycles

TOP 10 Liquor POS Features

KORONA offers many useful functions for liquor stores. However, everybody uses it differently. Sometimes, workflows are even different across locations. Our quality assurance department asked
56 liquor stores what their favorite KORONA liquor POS functions are.
Some answers were expected, some were unexpected but see for yourself…

Discover your favorite feature

3 common problems and solutions

1) Make the transition easy for your staff.
The best results usually come from preparing employees early in the process.  Outline the changes and improvements of your new liquor POS system. Sometimes things are obvious to you but not to your employees.  A switch can be much easier if everyone knows in advance what is going to change.
2) Export and import your data early.
This is a common problem for liquor stores. The solution is simple. Many liquor POS systems provide exports which can easily imported into KORONA. Check what options are available to you and our product specialists will help you with the import. If you are not using a liquor POS solution yet, simply request product data from your supplier/distributor. We highly advise importing your data early. This will save you time and avoid bad surprises when you are ready to go live.
3) Configuring the liquor POS workflow?
KORONA comes pre-configured to be an ideal liquor POS. However, you have the ability to customize it to your needs. Before you set up POS buttons and functions, think about what you would like to accomplish and what you really need. Best practice is to only start with necessary point of sale functions. Involve your employees and ask for their feedback to make the transition easier for them.
Do you have questions?  We are here to help you and we can demonstrate the whole system in a personal online meeting. Give us a call at +1 (702) 997-2347.
We also offer webinars you can join. You will be able to learn more about KORONA and what it can do for your liquor store.
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Staff 100%
Data 100%
Functionality 100%
Liquor POS Terminal
5 star rating

” …Finally we have control over our inventory and warehouse …”

5 star rating

“… Now we know which employees are doing well …”

5 star rating

“… It’s amazing what it can do …”

5 star rating

“… We had doubts because the data is in the cloud, but KORONA was just what we needed …”

Integrations – KORONA speaks many languages 

The list of KORONA integrated systems is rising every day. This makes KORONA the central core for you business data.

KORONA offers a variety of options to integrate external systems. You can use existing connections to third party software solutions. KORONA also offers two APIs (application programming interface) for point of sale and back office.

See how your systems can integrate …
Liquor POS Integrations

Cloud POS – sensitive data highly protected

Your liquor POS terminals create some of the most important data of your business. You should leave security for this type of data to experts. Using cloud storage comes with professionals keeping your data secure and backed up. Focus on your business and never spend time worrying about IT solutions and data management again.
I don’t want to lose data!

KORONA.pos Cloud saves your data in several data centers. All centers are protected from both digital and physical threats.

Secure Cloud POS for Liquor Stores

These liquor stores are right for KORONA.pos:

1) This is not a liquor POS off the rack.  KORONA was designed to adapt to stores with ambitions.  If you like to base your business decisions on solid liquor POS report figures, KORONA is for you!  Would you like to confirm your intuition based on solid analytics?  Then take your liquor stores to the next level with KORONA.

2) With 5 or more stores you can leverage the full potential of KORONA’s liquor POS.  Many reports and statistics are intended to show synergies between stores and deliver easy comparisons. The advanced modules for store management provide the right tools for maximizing your potential.

KORONA and you are a match if…

  • you want your liquor stores to evolve every day

  • you find value in advanced analytics

  • you are ready to improve your product catalog

  • you need fast and efficient liquor POS workflows

Free Trial: no commitments, no credit cards, for as long as you want

Start your trial now. You can evaluate KORONA without any time limit. Many liquor stores set up their full liquor POS system before they go live.  This way can be certain KORONA will work for you and not the other way around.

1) Create liquor POS trial account

Liquor POS Trial
Get your own liquor POS trial account.  Evaluate your liquor POS system carefully.  Take time to test KORONA thoroughly.  There is no need to rush.  Import your liquor store data and avoid common issues transitioning into your new liquor POS system.

2) Join Online Presentation


Let our liquor POS specialists give you a tour. We can schedule an online presentation just for you. You will have the opportunity to ask specific questions and make sure KORONA has everything you are looking for.

3) Select POS hardware

Retail POS Hardware Options

What about liquor POS hardware? Do you already own POS hardware or have a price quote?  We can help you make sure your hardware will work and also perform a best-price check for your existing quote.  If you’d like an on-site setup by a trained professional, we can send one of our certified KORONA partners to provide you with a full-service experience.

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What does KORONA’s liquor POS cost?

If you have compared liquor POS systems already you are probably wondering why KORONA is so inexpensive.  KORONA has a simple fee per POS terminal. Add-on modules are optional and can be added at any time. Costs are between $10 and $20 per terminal. KORONA does not require a contract. It’s fair and easy!

If you are interested in new liquor POS equipment, we can help you find the best solution to finance or purchase.  Give us a call at +1 (702) 997-2347.

Are you looking for the full-service experience?
Just give us a call. We can send out a certified KORONA partner who can take care of your entire setup including configuration, equipment setup, and training.
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Try KORONA without any commitments
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More success and full satisfaction with your new liquor POS system – or money back

User satisfaction is important to us! If you are not happy with KORONA you can get a complete refund on all software fees within the first 60 days. KORONA liquor POS solutions: simple and fair.

Do you have questions? Give us a call!

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