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Vape Shop POS

Vape Shop POS

KORONA’s vape shop POS system is an ideal solution for smoke and vape shops. The unique nature of a large and always changing list of products in a vape shop requires a certain kind of POS. KORONA is just that and more. KORONA allows vape shops to not just handle their large inventory catalog, it makes it easy!

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Simple and Fast Vape Shop POS

Cashiers are able to ring up items with ease. New cashiers are able to learn the system within minutes. This allows employees to focus on the customer instead of the POS. In addition, it allows vape shops to process special orders, track customers and comes with integrated payment solutions.

Cloud Analytics in Real-time

Whether it is one location or 100, the KORONA back office delivers all sales data in real-time and can be accessed through any device from any location.

Inventory Control

KORONA is unbeatable when it comes to inventory management. It can handle large product databases with ease. Its intuitive mass edit feature makes it easy to change thousands of products with just a few clicks. In addition, KORONA helps vape shops figure out which products do well and which only take up shelf space. It can even do that automatically and make sure slow sellers are only going off the shelf, not getting back on.

Customer Loyalty

Returning customers make up a significant part of any vape shop’s revenue.  Therefore, customers should be encouraged on any possible level to revisit. KORONA provides several features that help vape shops to achieve just that. Whether it is discount coupons with each receipt or a club membership, KORONA creates possibilities and lets vape shops excel.

Vape Shop POS Terminal

Cloud Based Back Office

Vape Shop POS Terminal
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Vape Shop Back Office

KORONA’s vape shop POS tracks every sale as well as customer information. It comes with integrated payment solutions allowing business to take any form of payment with just a few button touches.

KORONA’s back office is essentially the command center of a business. This where business owners and managers can take immediate action on inventory and employee management across all locations.

5 star rating

“… KORONA was definitely the best choice for us. …”

5 star rating

… We have researched many POS systems. After a thorough comparison the decision was clearly KORONA  …”

5 star rating

“… We have seen significant improvements since we started using KORONA  …”

5 star rating

“… We have control over our inventory, finally! …”

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Full satisfaction and increased revenue – or money back

We take customer satisfaction seriously! KORONA requires no contracts and comes with a money back guarantee on all software fees for up to 60 days.

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