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Touch Screen Cash Register

Touch screen cash registers are the next generation of retail registers. Modern point of sale systems have improved checkout speed and customer experience for many retail businesses. Touch screens allow cashiers to interact with the user interface much more efficiently than regular cash registers. In addition, a computer-based POS system allows business owner to get more insight into their sales through detailed reporting. A full retail point of sale can track sales on an item level, allowing detailed evaluations and inventory management. However, it is recommended to not just buy into any cash register for sale. Instead, take a closer look at the most advanced touch screen cash register system for retail system, KORONA.pos Cloud.

Easy Setup

Setting up a touch screen cash register can be a frustrating experience. KORONA is different! You will start with a pre-configured account, so that only minimal adjustments are necessary to get started. KORONA is not just easy to use but also comes with many useful POS tutorials and world class support. Once the basic setup is completed retailers can start customizing their touch screen cash register to their individual business needs. This helps you improve the checkout experience.

Intelligent Reporting

Most touch screen cash registers provide only basic reporting. KORONA point of sale can actually tell business owners which products are most profitable and which items are performing poorly. This allows retail stores to optimize their assortment and take business to the next level.

Accounting Integration

Touch screen cash registers are great for tracking sales and revenue data, but this does not always mean the data ends up in your accounting system. KORONA has an integration with QuickBooks Online. This takes away the labor expenses of manually entering in z-tape information. In addition, business owners can avoid the stressful process of reconciling data entries filled with errors.

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