KORONA Supplier Portal

Make ordering and vendor management easy

Vendor Management

The supplier portal allows vendors and suppliers to provide their catalog to retailers, making communication for ordering much more seamless. Retail owners can browse, select, and import products directly into their POS system.

Free of Charge

All supplier relationship tools are included in your flat monthly subscription fee. The tool is included for both our customers as well as any suppliers/buyers that you do business with.

Import Data

Importing vast amounts of data can be a major pain for retailers, especially if you have a large catalog of inventory. Instead, let KORONA import your inventory data with a few clicks. And the best part is we do it for free for all of your customers.

Inventory Par Levels

Keep on top of your inventory and ordering with automated notifications. You can set par levels for automatic ordering with your suppliers, trigger low or overstock notifications, and even get stock level suggestions.