KORONA Supplier Portal

Make reordering easy for your customers

check_sucSimple data import
check_sucRetailers can access your product catalog directly through their POS
check_sucNo cost to vendor or retailer

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Supplier Portal

The supplier portal allows vendors and suppliers to provide catalog access to retailers directly where they compile orders, in their POS system. KORONA allows retailers to browse, select and import products right into their POS while they are compiling purchase orders.

It’s Free!

This service benefits our customers as well as yours. Therefore we provide the supplier portal to our customers and their suppliers at no cost.

Easy Import

Are you able to provide your product catalog as Excel or CSV file? That’s all we need. We will take care of the rest to make things as hassle free as possible for you and your retailers.

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” …Finally we have control over our inventory and warehouse …”

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“… We love using the customer database to deliver a great experience …”

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“… We had doubts because the data is in the cloud, but KORONA was just what we needed …”

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“… It’s amazing what it can do …”

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