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High-End Retail Point of Sale

Simplicity and flexibility powered by KORONA.pos

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What Makes a Retail Point of Sale System

A point of sale system tracks your sales, collected taxes and payment types. However, a full Retail Point of Sale comes with some key components compared to just any POS solution. In most retail environment checkout speed a key factor. KORONA has proven itself as one of the fastest checkouts across all retail point of sale solutions. Another important aspect for any retail point of sale is inventory management and inventory tracking. KORONA’s retail point of sale comes with a full inventory management suite for single and multi store retail operations.

Rich Features And Ease of Use

A key aspect for KORONA success as retail point of sale lays in its ability for customization. A rich set of retail point of sale features is very important. However, this can be overwhelming for employees. KORONA allows you to customize and limit features. This helps to tailor the point of sale to your retail store. Doing so employees will be able to learn workflows faster and handle tasks with less errors.

Superior Inventory Management and Evaluations

Access to the right number can make your retail business excel. Any solid retail point of sale system should provide the tools for performing any inventory related task, such as:

  • Ordering
  • Receiving
  • Returns
  • Counts

How about a retail point of sale solution that can help you make better decisions. Many retailers spend hours deciding on what products to order. It is one of the most important tasks in any retail business. Therefore a retail point of sale that can provide better insight is not just appreciated but highly needed to make better business decisions. KORONA has been assisting retails for decades making the right decisions. It is the retail point of sale of choice for many businesses.

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