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Quick Service POS Systems

An ideal POS system for quick service will offer the following features: speedy transactions, detailed analyses, and advanced employee controls. KORONA offers all of the above, making it the most competitive POS solution for any quick service business. The best part, KORONA offers an unlimited trial including support.

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Quick Service POS Systems – Business Types

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Fast, Faster, KORONA

KORONA has repeatably proven itself as the fastest checkout. The first feedback from point of sale users is typically regarding the blazingly fast transaction speed. When it comes to quick service, POS systems speed is probably the most crucial aspect. Slowness at the point of sale doesn’t just cost revenue — it also has a negative impact on your customers’ experience.

Real-time Analytics

For any quick service business, analytics are the key to success. Finding peak hours and average transactions are important for employee scheduling and preparation. These statistics can be accessed in real-time with KORONA. This allows business owners and managers to take immediate action.

Employee Control

Most quick service businesses have many employees on payroll. Managing who is where and when is hard. KORONA comes with an employee time clock and allows advanced permission management to ensure POS system security and integrity.

Promotions and Coupons

Recurring business is what keeps the doors open for most quick service places. Every business owner understands the importance of quality and service. However, there is more that can be done. KORONA offers advanced promotions and coupons that can be set up easily and drive recurring visits.

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