Theft Prevention in Liquor Stores

Employee theft is one of the biggest challenges for most liquor stores. High turnover of low paid employees is very common. For most liquor store employees, the job benefits do not out-way the risk of being caught. In the end, strong theft prevention is required in most cases, even if the workforce is trust-worthy. A key trigger for employee theft is always opportunity.

Employee Permissions

The first step to preventing theft is restricting permissions. KORONA allows you restrict each employee’s permissions for the point of sale and the back office. This ensures that employees only perform tasks that are part of their job. In addition, it sends the valuable message that security is in place.

Permissions at the Point of Sale

  • Receipt Voids
    Voiding receipts is rarely necessary and should always be restricted to managers.  KORONA lets you restrict void permissions as needed. In addition, evaluations allow you to track each individual void action.
  • Item Voids
    Item voids are often required even for basic cashiers. However, KORONA allows you to be more specific. You have the ability to keep the cashier from voiding all items of the receipt in order to reuse the transaction. If that is not enough security you can even force cashiers to record the mistake and require them to start over.
  • Blank Receipts
    Receipts without items on them are typically only used to access the cash drawer. Of course, this is an action you should track. However, you can also prevent cashiers from performing this action altogether by taking away the blank receipt permission.
  • Force Cash Drawer Closing
    Another common trick for cashiers to access the drawer at any time is to simply leave it open. KORONA has the ability to register open drawers and require cashiers to shut them before performing any other actions.
  • Price Changes and Discounts
    Another common form of employee theft is handing out product for free. KORONA allows you to restrict price changes and custom discounts. Even if these type of actions are required for your business you will still get excellent evaluations to spot malicious behavior.

Back Office Permissions

  • Inventory Movement
    KORONA allows you to restrict all inventory-related actions. In addition, you can ensure that only authorized users have the ability to view on-hand values. If your employees don’t know what inventory the system thinks you have they are unable to exploit differences. When you notice differences, you are then able to investigate to see if you have an employee problem.
  • Price Changes
    Another common trick is to change product prices in the back office temporarily to buy expensive items below cost. KORONA allows you to restrict which users can perform price changes and also tracks price any product price movements.

Cash Balance Verification

Balancing the drawer is an important security measure. This sends important message to all employees letting them know that money is tracked. However, it also helps checking on a cashier’s performance. Unfortunately, when it comes to cash balances there is not a one size fits all solution, especially when it comes to liquor stores. That’s why KORONA allows you to tailor a balance option to your business.

POS or Cashier

Allowed Balance Difference

Blind Balance

Obviously, performing a balance for each cashier individually is always desired. However, it this does not always work for every business. KORONA allows you to perform a cash balance either by cashier or for an entire shift. In the end, less security is still better than no security!

In order to make the balance difference less complicated KORONA allows you to define an acceptable balance difference. If the cashier is within the range they will not be asked to verify the balance again.

With KORONA the balance is always performed blind. This means the cashier does not know what the expected amount is. This makes it significatnly harder for employees to cheat the system.