Inventory Tracking for Liquor Stores

Inventory tracking is much more challenging for liquor stores than for most retail businesses. This is mainly due to the always growing and changing assortment. Products come in all different sizes and flavors. In addition, most brands offer seasonal items. All of this makes it very easy for employees to make mistakes while performing inventory tasks and over time most stores are just not able to rely on their inventory numbers anymore. This makes inventory tracking a crucial breaking point in the search for a point of sale system. Fortunately, KORONA has the tools to make inventory tracking simple and keep you in sync.

Liquor Store Inventory


KORONA automatically identifies suspicious inventory movement. Items that suddenly have stopped selling or have negative inventory numbers are flagged. This allows managers to easily identify when products are sold or received under the wrong SKU. Say goodbye to ghost inventory and say hello to reliable on-hand values.

Perpetual Counts

Instead of counting an entire store, how about continuous counts? KORONA allows you to designate specific counting days and continuously create count lists for those days. This allows you to make counting a part of the regular routine instead of a yearly nightmare.

Electronic Counting

For many small liquor stores, count sheets work just fine. However, when you are ready to step up your game, KORONA allows you to use tablets or handheld devices to perform all kinds of inventory tasks. This will make your inventory tasks more efficient and helps you avoid user errors.