A Guide to a New Retail Point of Sale System

Making big changes to your small business is always stressful. You have enough to worry about and it’s understandable to put some issues on the backburner. One potential change that might not be as tedious or expensive as it seems is upgrading your point of sale system. Too often, retailers find their POS to [...]

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A Retail Business Plan in 7 Steps

Whether you have a brick and mortar store, an online shop or travel for markets or pop-ups, the field of retail gets more competitive every year. A proper retail business plan is imperative for a successful small business. This is true for businesses that simply need more direction and organization or for those that [...]

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How to Start a Liquor Store – 12 Simple Tips

Like starting any business, opening a liquor store is a monumental task. There are many factors to keep in mind to ensure that your small retail business is a success. Breaking down each of these factors into more manageable pieces is important for this success, as well as your own sanity. From determining your [...]

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Ways to Improve Sales in Retail at Your Brick and Mortar Store

Last week we talked about some of the best eCommerce platforms available for your webstore. Online sales have skyrocketed and Amazon has left most businesses scrambling to adjust and compete. Creating a unique online presence for your retail store is now essential. And deciding on the right eCommerce service and point of sale system [...]

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Top Retail eCommerce Platforms for Your Business

Online retail, or eCommerce, is currently growing three times faster than the wider industry. It accounted for 11% of sales in 2016 and jumped to 16% in 2017, shattering most predictions. Additionally, many of these transactions are now being completed on mobile devices; in fact, mobile eCommerce surpassed desktop in 2016. This added channel [...]

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How to Increase Retail Sales with a Higher Transaction Value

Like many things in life, the small things can quickly add up to something substantial. Many basic budgeting strategies ask you to identify these items and cut them out of your expenditures. As a business owner, a similar line of thinking can quietly help sales skyrocket. With a little ingenuity and a great product, [...]

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6 Ideas for Point of Sale Marketing

It’s already challenging and expensive to get a new customer in your door, so when you do it’s critical to make the experience great. And with a positive experience comes more sales. Not only will it encourage return customers, but it also leads larger purchases during each visit. Think about the last time you [...]

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5 Ways to Avoid Product Stockouts for Your Retail Store

Ask any business owner for a major source of headaches and you’re likely to hear a lot of frustrated mumbling about running out of stock. Sales are lost; customers are less likely to return and more likely to leave a negative review; your name and brand are damaged. Any product stockout is detrimental to [...]

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How to Increase Customer Retention Rates

Recruiting new customers and converting sales can be expensive, time-consuming and remarkably difficult. Most estimates gauge that it’s five to seven times more costly to generate a new customer than it is to keep an existing one. So it’s vital that the latter keep coming back. Unfortunately, many businesses focus more on the former [...]

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8 Promotional Ideas for Your Pet Store

If you’re a pet store owner, your primary concern is most likely on each and every animal that steps paw in your store. Marketing and promotions to grow your business aren’t always as rewarding but they are important. And with a little ingenuity and passion, they can be just as fun. Some of these [...]

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