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Museum POS System

Museum POS System

A museum POS system requires more than just the usual point of sale features. When it comes to museums point of sale systems are required to sell admission tickets, gift shop items and sometimes even food. KORONA handles all of that and more! That is why KORONA is one of the most popular point of sale solutions for museums worldwide. Start your trial today and find out what makes KORONA the number 1 museum POS system or schedule a consultation with one of our solution experts.

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Fast, Faster, KORONA

when it comes to checkout speed KORONA outperforms any other POS solution. Some high volume museums have reported that KORONA allows them to check out customers twice as fast. This shortens lines and leads a much better customer experience.

Real-time Cloud Evaluations

KORONA does not just provide detailed insight it can even do that in real-time. Knowing what is being sold and how many visitors are currently occupying the museum can be crucial knowledge in order to prevent issues before they turn into disasters. And the best part: you can review all sales for each and every location.

Advanced Admission Ticketing

KORONA is equipped to handle admission ticket sales for museums of all sizes. Personalized year passes, professional ticket printers or even multiple entry points with turnstiles are no problem for KORONA.

Inventory Tracking

Tracking inventory across several gift shops and convenience stores can be challenging. KORONA takes the pain out of managing inventory. KORONA will notify you when inventory falls below a certain point and even generate purchase orders if required.

5 star rating

“… KORONA was a great choice for our museum. …”

5 star rating

… We have researched many POS solutions. KORONA stood out …”

5 star rating

“… I never imagined that we had so much room to improve. Thanks to KORONA …”

5 star rating

“… We were hesitant because of the cloud, but KORONA turned out to be the right decision for us …”

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