POS Reporting and Analytics

Get better insight into your business with realtime analytics across all of your locations.


Access Reports from Anywhere

Regardless of where you are or what device you are using. You can always stay connected with your business.

Better Insight for Better Business

KORONA provides detailed insight into your business allowing you to make better business decisions. 

Combined Reports

Regardless of how many locations you have, you can get all reports and statistics combined, by region or for each store individually. 

Back Office Dashboard

Employee evaluations that are actually useful.

Employee Evaluations

Get exact measures on how reliable your employees are and identify bad apples. 


All of KORONA’s reports and statistics are available in real-time and always reflect current numbers. You can spot issues as soon as they happen. 

Access Control

Make sure employees only have access to reports they need. You have full control over what numbers are visible to employees and contractors. 

Time Tracking

Track working hours right within KORONA.

Actual insight with relevant recommendations.

More Than Just Reports

KORONA doesn’t just provide reports. It actually delivers useful suggestions and even automation tools such as assortment cleanups or reorder level calculations. 

Identify Slow Sellers

KORONA helps to identify slow sellers better. Instead of listing seasonal products or out of stock products KORONA can actually distinguish what items are comparable. 

Track Expenses

KORONA tracks inventory related expenses so you know what you are actually making with each product you are selling. In addition, it will alert you about any cost changes that call for a price adjustment. 

Cash Control

Track every cash movement whether it’s revenue related or not, everything is accounted for. With KORONA you know exactly where things went missing. 

KORONA Is The Trusted POS Solution For Thousands of Businesses Like Yours




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