Inventory Management

KORONA is the point of sale solution which comes with the most sophisticated inventory tracking solution.


Multiple Product Codes

Scan products via multiple barcodes, assign container quantities and special pricing to each code without having to duplicate your items.

Import Products

Are you dealing with large product databases? We can import all your inventory and vendor details. KORONA has an import assistant that allows the import of almost any format and if you need help a product specialist will help you get your data imported.

Print Labels and Tags

Print shelf labels and price tags right out of KORONA. Price labels can be generated from stock receipts which allows making label printing a part of receiving.

One Central Product Database

Even if you have hundreds of stores and warehouses you only have to manage one product catalog. This makes transferring items and company-wide promotions simple like you only had to manage one location.

Ordering inventory has never been easier.

Reorder Levels

KORONA can analyze and recalculate optimal reorder levels based on purchase history and trends. Optimize your order levels within seconds for thousands of products.

Order Cycles

KORONA will alert you when it’s time to reorder inventory or you can even put KORONA in charge and let it place orders automatically without any input required.

Shipment Tracking

Vendor shipment notifications can be imported into KORONA. This allows the system to know about missing items when they get shipped instead of when the shipment arrives.


Receiving is possible in the back office, at the point of sale or via the mobile app. Whatever makes sense for your business, KORONA can make it happen.

Inventory counts made simple and efficient.

Mobile Data Entry

Avoid spreadsheets and complicated imports and perform inventory counts right from the POS or via the KORONA inventory app.

Identify Problems

KORONA identifies problems automatically and allows you to prioritize items that have negative inventory or have suddenly stopped selling.

Automate Counting

Make counting part of the daily routine. KORONA can generate daily or weekly count lists that are small and manageable. This is a great way to spread out the annoying annual count throughout the year and make sure every item has been counted at least once per year.

Avoid Theft

KORONA hides expected inventory numbers from users that don’t have the appropriate permissions. You can have your staff perform counts even if you do not want them to know if your inventory is off.

KORONA Is The Trusted POS Solution For Thousands of Businesses Like Yours




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