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Coffee Shop POS Solution

KORONA – Coffee Shop POS

KORONA.pos is not just like any coffee shop POS solution. It is your coffee shop POS system and the command center for your whole operation at the same time. Your coffee shops POS terminals are collecting a lot of data. You can review and manage all that data through the back office, from anywhere. By using KORONA’s smart coffee shop POS evaluations you can make better business decisions and take your operation to the next level.

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These things will change with a New Coffee Shop POS:

If you decide on switching POS systems for your coffee shop many things will change. Workflows are especially going to change. Even if you have worked with a PC based coffee shop POS system before you will notice differences.
With KORONA.pos, changes are going to be even more significant. With this POS solution you will have closer insight into your business in real time. Mistakes or bad decisions will be obvious immediately. At the same time you will get the foundation for confirming the outcome for most of your business decisions.

Many KORONA coffee shop POS users have reported the following changes:

  • You know exactly how much revenue each of your locations has generated
  • You know better what actions you have to take
  • You know how much potential each location has
  • You will generate more revenue by evaluating key performance indicators
  • You will try new marketing efforts and promotions constantly
Coffee Shop Manager
“Printing coupons on receipts has increased our revenue significantly.”

Main purpose of Back Office and Coffee Shop POS is to make you more successful.


Back Office

Coffee Shop POS System

Cloud POS Back Office

This is where you manage your products, prices and inventory. You can start marketing promotions and get crucial evaluations. All the great things the back office has to offer you can access conveniently via web browser from anywhere. All transactions generated by your POS terminals will go into your back office in real time keeping you up to date at all times.

Coffee Shop POS System with printer

The point of sale terminals will be in your coffee shop location and will keep track of all your business transactions. All buttons and functions can individually configured. This will allow you to adjust the point of sale to your workflows and not the other way around. KORONA’s coffee shop POS solution takes advantage of cloud technology, but a loss of connectivity will not cause any outages for your point of sale terminals.

  • Configure and evaluate in real time

  • Accessible from the office and on the go

  • Recognize revenue and profit potential

  • Custom buttons and levels

  • Ease of use and super fast

  • You can configure everything yourself

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Increase Sales

Increasing coffee shop sales with KORONA is easy. This video explains the basics of increasing profits using coupons.

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TOP 10 Rated Coffee Shop POS Features




Gift Cards




Store Comparison


Allergy Trigger Filters


Time Tracking


Staff Discounts


Order Cycles


Discount Report


Customer Orders

TOP 10 Coffee Shop POS Features

The KORONA coffee shop POS solution offers many features. However, everybody uses their system differently. In some cases processes are even different across locations. Our quality assurance team has surveyed  53 coffee shops about their favorite POS features.
Some results were surprising for us but see for yourself.

Discover your favorite feature

3 common concerns when implementing a new coffee shop POS system:

Many business owners have concerns about replacing their coffee shop POS system. The most common problems and questions are all related to 3 main topics.
1) How do I prepare my staff?
The best way to prepare your staff for a new coffee shop POS is to include them in the process as soon as possible. Tell them early what is going to change and point out advantages. Even if improvements are obvious to you that doesn’t mean it is for your employees. For example, being able to finish the day with only a couple clicks and not having any buttons you don’t need means a great time improvement.
2) How to get my data into the new system?
Most POS systems provide exports. If your previous coffee shop POS solution can generate some Excel or CSV export you can import all that data into your new system. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are happy to help you transfer all your data. BEST PRACTICE: import all your data while you are testing the new solution!
3) Which buttons do I configure first?
The honest answer is: as little as possible. Think about what the essential workflows for your coffee shop POS are. Start with only those functions to make the transition simple. Later you can explore the many coffee shop POS functions KORONA has to offer.

Keep in mind that you can get solutions for your problems with only one phone call or email. If your looking for a custom solution, or would like to see the full coffee shop solution, schedule an online presentation. One of our experts will get you answers to all your questions. (Call NOW: 702-997-2347)

KORONA gets new features and improvements every month. Therefore, we hold frequent webinars. This will give the opportunity to find out how you can get even more out of your coffee shop POS solution.
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Staff 100%
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Functionality 100%
Coffee Shop POS Terminal
5 star rating

“… We have been able to improve our whole service …”

5 star rating

“… I didn’t realize how much room I had for improvement. KORONA is awesome …”

5 star rating

“… We decided to use POS tablets to save space. Our coffee shop looks so much better…”

5 star rating

“… The POS reminds me to include a glass of water when someone orders an espresso. That’s pretty cool …”

Why KORONA is the better coffee shop POS?

You can try KORONA.pos Cloud for free and the best is without any commitment or time limits. Would we give you that option if we did not believe that that you will love KORONA?

Kassensysteme einfach und selber einrichten!

Configure with Ease

You can configure and control everything yourself. Of course we are happy to help you at any time but you are not dependent on anyone to set up new products or change button workflows.

Mit Cloud Kassensystemen sind Sie immer auf dem aktuellen Stand! Mobil und überall!

Always Current

KORONA receives improvements and update all the time. You will get every single improvement automatically without any additional fees.

Kassensysteme einfach und selber einrichten!

Work Offline

If you cloud connection is interrupted your business won’t be affected. The POS terminals will continue to operate without interruption or data loss.

Kassensysteme sind sicher!


Data security is very important. Therefore we do not store your data in just one location. Redundant storage protects you from data loss. Of course all data is protected using advanced encryption and protection to keep it safe from digital and physical intruders.

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POS Cloud – Where is my data?

The coffee shop POS terminals are generating a lot of sensitive data. Therefore this data requires a maximum level of protection. If you decide to use a coffee shop POS solution taking advantage of cloud technology your data is handled with care by experts. This way you can focus on your business and leave IT management to professionals.

KORONA.pos Cloud stores all data in multiple data centers with maximum security.

Secure Cloud POS for Coffee Shops

Is KORONA the right coffee shop POS for you?

1) KORONA.pos is a coffee shop POS solution for businesses that want to stay competitive. Advanced reports and statistics will provide you the information you need to act on trends. KORONA is improving all the time and so will your business. Being able to act on facts at any time can create pressure.  Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

2)  You can benefit from KORONA.pos for coffee shops even if you have only one location. With 5 or more locations, you can leverage your full potential with the help of our coffee shop POS solution.  Did you know that KORONA even has add-on modules to connect franchises?  With KORONA coffee shop POS you can start thinking big!

The point of sale for coffee shops with the following goals:

  • evolve constantly

  • stay competitive

  • be innovative

  • set and leverage trends

Start testing today – no credit card, no commitment, no time limit

You can never just decide on a new coffee shop POS system. The evaluation can only be done right by working with the solution. This is why we offer a free trial. We do not restrict the time frame for your trial because we know how great KORONA’s coffee shop POS solution is.


1) Start your free trial

Retail POS Registration
Get your very own test account. Especially a coffee shop POS solution with the need for quick and smooth workflows should be tested with care. Take your time and try KORONA for as long as you want. If you import your existing data into KORONA you will get a better understanding how your coffee shop POS will work.  This will make your transition a lot easier.  Of course we are more than happy to guide you through that process even during your trial period.

2) Online Demo


Let one of our coffee shop POS specialists show you the whole solution. Call us to schedule a time for a personal online presentation. This will be a great opportunity to get answers to all your questions. You can join the presentation from anywhere. All you need is a computer, a phone and about 30 minutes.

3) Select POS hardware

Retail POS Hardware Options

Would you like to upgrade or replace your coffee shop POS equipment? Let us know. We can help you find the right package for your business. Do you already have a certain hardware in mind? We can help you determine if the selected hardware will work and perform a best price check.

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What does a superior coffee shop POS solution cost?

You have probably done your research and compared many coffee shop POS systems. Why is this advanced solution so inexpensive? KORONA.pos Cloud has a simple pricing structure. The monthly fee starts at $49 per month with no up front license cost and no upgrade fees. This makes all POS related expenses fair and predictable.

POS hardware remains your choice. Of course, we are more than happy to help you find the right package for your business.

Are your already busy enough with running your business and do not have time to train employees or set up POS terminals?
No problem – just give us a call. We will send out a certified KORONA solution provider in your area.
Coffee Shop POS Price
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KORONA Coffee Shop POS – more revenue and full satisfaction – or money back

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority! If you’re not happy with our coffee shop POS solution you can request a full refund on all software fees within 60 days. The process is simple. Just let us know that you are not satisfied and we will start the process.
Simple and fair: KORONA coffee shop POS.

Do you have questions? Give us a call!

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