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Cash Register

Cash registers help you quickly ring up a customer, but what about reporting? A full retail point of sale system tracks not just your sales and collected taxes — it is much more than that. In most retail businesses, checkout efficiency a key factor. Any touch screen cash register supporting scanner will speed up your checkout drastically. Another important feature for any retail store is inventory tracking and management. KORONA’s retail point of sale is fully equipped to handle retail businesses of all sizes.

Ease of Use

Most cash registers for sale come with some predefined buttons. If you want to get the most out of your cash register, you should change those to your needs. This process isn’t always straightforward. KORONA is easy to use and can even be modified remotely. Changing buttons or creating products can be done with ease right from your web browser.

Lots of Features

Any cash register for sale will be able to track your sales but most lack some key features. Can your cash register tell you how much profit you actually made or which products have been sold during the day? KORONA can provide that along with even more insight. Retail POS features are an important asset to improve your business.

QuickBooks Online Integration

KORONA is fully integrated with QuickBooks Online. This removes hours of manual data entry work every week. Can you say that about any other cash register for sale?

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