Watch out for these 3 POS buyer’s mistakes

Deciding on a new point of sale solution is difficult. I'd like to talk about some common red flags that you should watch for. When looking for the right POS system most people base their research on the following criteria: Features Obviously you want to narrow your decision down to POS solutions that fit your needs. After all, [...]

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10 Steps to Improve Your Retail Business

Retail business needs an aggressive strategy if the benefits are to be experienced. It is important that entrepreneurs establish business pathways that will inform decision making and hence impact the business by improving sales. It is only through systematic approaches that a business in the retail niche can scale and deliver what the customers [...]

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Point of Sale Buyers Guide

Choosing a point of sale system doesn't have to be as complicated as you might think. To help you find a POS system that is going to work in your best interest, check out the following steps. Determine what your business needs are. The first thing you have to do is think about what [...]

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Tips for Running a Successful Bakery

The restaurant business is undoubtedly one of the toughest businesses out there today. Restaurants suffer from huge overhead costs. They can't simply re-sell their inventory at a reduced cost like other businesses: old food has no value. Bakeries can be particularly tough businesses to run, since they sell very specialized food. Even talented business [...]

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How to get customers to spend more time in your retail store

While some shoppers are looking for a fast and convenient shopping experience, there are some others that want to experience shopping for leisure. For the latter group, as a retailer, you have to offer value in store. There are some proven retail psychology techniques that you could use to keep your customers browsing and [...]

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4 Technology Tips for Retail Businesses

The Benefits of Technology for Retail Businesses The most successful retail businesses are the ones that can respond in a timely manner to the risks and opportunities presented to them, with the advancement of technology being a prime example. If retail businesses fail to capitalize on their possibilities, they run the risk of conceding [...]

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