How to get customers to spend more time in your retail store

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While some shoppers are looking for a fast and convenient shopping experience, there are some others that want to experience shopping for leisure. For the latter group, as a retailer, you have to offer value in store. There are some proven retail psychology techniques that you could use to keep your customers browsing and hopefully have them purchase more items as they stay in the store longer. Read on to learn more about these tips.

Add in-store demonstrations and videos

Devoting all space to selling products can be boring. Have a section where the customers can come in and learn a thing or two about the products being sold. One approach is having classes in the store. Give them a chance to learn about products. Having a demonstration makes the store a learning environment. It creates an environment where the retailer connects with the customer.

Engage the customers’ senses

Having free drink and food samples will entice the customer and have them in a spending mood. Giving customers a more sense-focused experience keeps them happy in that environment. Other than serving food and drink, you could consider having live music or spraying light aromas inside the store. Give customers a chance to interact with the products whenever possible. Smells and colors can influence the emotions of the customer.

Have a room where customers can have interesting experiences

Have some part of the store dedicated to giving your customers a unique and interesting experience that they cannot get in other stores. Come up with a creative idea that you can implement. You do not have to copy other stores, make your store unique to attract new customers.

Introduce stations where customers can charge their mobiles

This is a strategy that has been used in some stores and it is working for them. It could work great at your store as well. This is aimed at attracting the mobile-centric customers. As they charge their devices, they can be walking around the store browsing and chances are they will purchase an item.

Give customers a surprise

You should think of creative ideas to confront the customer with certain items that will catch their interest and keep them browsing. An example is having a book sale in the pants section. You could also have signs up in the store to advertise the special deals. This way you direct customers to new areas and have them shop for longer.

Change the layout of the store

Strategically place certain items in the furthest aisle so the customers pass through numerous aisles. This could be great in triggering impulse purchases. Point of sale displays also influence the customer. Be careful not to make the layout too confusing as this might put off some customers.

Combining the tricks above and hiring great staff ensures that your customer has a pleasant time in the store and tempts them to stay longer. Make sure that there is a balance for both the shopper that wants fast and convenient service and that shopper that is out for a shopping experience.

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