The fall is upon us! And while the weather has been welcomed in most parts of the country, it’s likely to worsen the COVID pandemic. While it appears that most small businesses will be able to remain open, it’s critical that everyone follow local and national guidelines and do their part to minimize transmission and keep our society functioning as close to normal as possible.

COVID-19 Signs for Businesses

One important way that businesses can keep their stores safe and doors open is by adding relevant COVID signage. And depending on your type of business, different rules might apply.

Below are an array of different signs that can help your business stay open by reminding your shoppers of various rules and recommendations to follow while shopping with you.

If you’re a current customer of ours and would like some signage around your front doors or POS area, let us know. We’d be happy to send you a few waterproof signs to attach.

COVID Sign for Delivery and Curbside Businesses

Many restaurants and retailers have started promoting alternative ordering and pickup options. Customers can now place an order through an eCommerce site, proprietary app, or third-party vendor and retrieve it at a designated area outside the storefront.

COVID Sign for Limited Seating Restaurants and QSRs

After the initial wave of illnesses lessened in intensity, many restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and other food and beverage establishments were allowed to partially reopen. If you’re available for limited seating, let your customers and passersby know.

Reminder to Sanitize COVID Sign

It’s probably a good idea to add a few sanitizing stands around your store, especially near your entries/exits and at the checkout area. Remind your shoppers to use them with this simple sign.

Social Distancing During COVID

All shoppers should be socially distancing among each other and your staff. It’s been proven that keeping at least 6 feet between people has helped reduced the spread of the virus. Again, remind shoppers to maintain an appropriate distance.

COVID Reminder to Wear a Mask

Masks, of course, are mandatory in public in most states. And shoppers are largely accustomed to wearing them. But it’s still good to offer friendly reminders to each customer as they enter your store.

Sign for Following CDC Guidelines

It’s important for businesses to continue following CDC guidelines as the pandemic progresses. While some rules have changed leaving some business owners frustrated, the best way to combat the pandemic and remain open is by adhering to all rules and regulations. Remind your shoppers and staff with this simple sign.

Get Some Help from Your POS Solution

While our software might be named KORONA, we’re here to help each of our customers get through the pandemic. It’s not been an easy time for any of us, but we still believe in the power of keeping positive and working together. Feel free to print any of these signs and share with your friends. And, as we mentioned earlier, if you’re a current customer of ours, just drop us a note of which signs you’d like and we’ll send you a waterproof copy to put up in your store.

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