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Bakery POS

KORONA Bakery POS: The command center for better selling. The point of sale system for bakeries consists of two components: The registers in the stores and the back office in your web browser. In addition to the ability to adjust your software exactly to your store processes, KORONA.pos offers a set of advanced functions for special requirements.

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Fastest Bakery POS

Customer satisfaction is probably the most important success factor for bakeries or any business. Transactions times can have a bigger impact than one might think. KORONA is proven POS solution for bakeries and its checkout speed continues to impress.

Real-time Analytics

Analytics are the key to success for any quick service business. Finding peak hours and average transactions are important for employee scheduling and preparation. With KORONA, these statistics can be accessed in real-time. This allows business owners and managers to take immediate action.

Custom Orders

Custom orders are a key part of most bakery businesses. KORONA lets bakeries handles customer orders with ease. Orders can easily be created and managed at the point of sale, as well as in the back office. This makes processing orders seamless, which will ultimately increase business.


Returning customers make up a decent portion of business for most bakeries. KORONA comes with an easy couponing system which is designed to increase the number of returning customers. The setup is simple, the results are impressive.

Bakery POS Terminal

Cloud Based Back Office

Bakery POS Terminal
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Bakery Back Office

The points of sale in your stores deliver everything required for an excellent user experience.  All direct sales are handled through this application.  The POS sends every transactions to the back office right away. The POS application will continue to work even without an Internet connection.

The back office (KORONA.pos Cloud) can be accessed conveniently via any web browser.  This is where you manage your locations and points of sale. Here you can also find your warehouse management, reports, statistics. and many other tools to increase sales.

5 star rating

“… KORONA is the best choice if you are looking for a bakery POS system. …”

5 star rating

… We have researched many POS solutions for bakeries. KORONA was the most convincing …”

5 star rating

“… I never imagined that we had so much room to improve. Thanks to KORONA …”

5 star rating

“… We were hesitant because of the cloud, but KORONA turned out to be the right decision for us …”

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More revenue and full satisfaction – or money back – bakery POS

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you are not happy with our software solutions you are able to get a full refund on all software fees within 60 days. This process is simple and straight forward simply contact us for a refund and we will set everyhing in motion.
Simple and fair: KORONA.pos Cloud – Bakery POS

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